Dogs in Public

A few of the inappropriate places I’ve seen dogs in the past two weeks: a home improvement store, the grocery store, and a coffee shop. I imagine there were other locations that I blocked out.

Dogs are cute. Few people will deny that; however, dogs in public can be really obnoxious. Dirty paws on the table, wet noses on hands, bodies against people, droppings on the floor. Then you have the pet owners that treat Fluffy like their best friend, or worse yet, their baby. No wonder dogs have anxiety disorders…

I think what this boils down to is jealousy. I desire to be carted around, all day every day, in someone’s purse. My knees are bloody and my arms tired from falling to the ground and shaking my fists skyward as I curse my lot in life—6 foot tall and unable to fit in a purse!