Does She Represent All McCain Supporters?

A McCain volunteer claimed a large black man assaulted her; however, it seems that was not the case. I am particularly amused that she claimed the assailant had and carved a “B” in her face. The only problem: the B was backwards as if done in a mirror. The McCain campaign capitalized on the story and tried to rile people up by making race an issue.

Apparently it is on people’s minds as NPR had interviews playing last night where some folks revealed that they were afraid of the racial tensions that would explode if 1) a black man was elected or 2) if a black man had gotten this far and then was not elected.

I’m left wondering if the girl did this as part of an official plan by the McCain camp. Is she representative of modern conservatives? In any case, she’s a sick, sad person and the McCain campaign further smacks of desperation.

Thanks to Lane for the links.