Capital Metro Is Striking

Friday I received this ominous email:

Attention:  All Members of the UT Austin Community

At 10am on October 31, 2008, the University was notified by Capital Metro that a strike of the operators of the mainline bus routes was imminent.  The notification states that the strike will begin on Wednesday, November 5, 2008.  There is not currently a scheduled end date for the strike…

Upon further investigation I saw (from the official Capital Metro site):

“Service Advisory –Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1091, which represents most of Capital Metro’s bus operators and mechanics, has called a strike beginning Wednesday, November 5.”

No word of the strike is on the Amalgamated Transit Union site, but I imagine they are protesting low wages/poor working conditions/the usual.

Yet another reason that public transportation does not catch on here: the workers strike! Rather than ride overcrowded, infrequent buses I will ride my bike or have Andrea take me to school. I just hope the cold weather stays away long enough for me to ride to campus during the strike. In my case, cold weather means anything below 55 degrees Farhenheit :)