Brit's Take on Commuting Comes at the Right Time

The BBC has a nice piece on how to enjoy your commute with tips from Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us). The article is pretty interesting; it applies to US driving for the most part; some tips are obvious. I would not think much of it, but this morning a furious motorist yelled at four cyclists who went through a stop sign at the same time (me and one other stopped and waited our turn; the other two rode through milliseconds behind me). Right after I cleared the intersection I heard shouting. Whenever I looked back I saw the SUV stopped in the intersection, driver’s-side window down, with a guy screaming. Five seconds later, it was done.

The outburst is upsetting because it is the first car-to-bike roadrage that I’ve witnessed. Beyond being gratuitous, I’m struck that someone was already so upset by 7:45am! Hopefully the irate motorist will read the tips and chill out.

Beyond reducing the roadrage, my suggestion is to enjoy the crisp morning air on a lovely bike ride. Get some exercise while you enjoy nature—it’s nice.