A Few Interesting, if Not Frustrating, Articles
  • AIG is burning through money from the federal bailout with no hopes of paying back taxpayers. Horray for the bailout! I guess I’m not surprised that this would happen at a time when schools no longer have grades and competitive sports are outlawed because they expose failure.
  • Greenspan admits he was “partially” wrong with his direction for the economy. This is dangerous because people are using Greenspan’s admission as a way to trash capitalism; however, America is not a shining expample of laissez-faire markets. I’m not positive that unfettered capitalism works, but I don’t think we’ve tried it yet. The greedy Wall Streeters were hardly Objectivists.
  • McCain and Palin continue their despicable smear campaign. Also, why is having an elite government a bad thing? If you haven’t seen Idiocracy (the movie) before, watch it and vote for the most elite our nation has to offer—for the future’s sake.