A Couple Good Deal Sites

The World Wide Web is full of great deals! You can get all kinds of good stuff, if you know where to look. One popular scheme is to get a set amount of an item then sell it until it’s gone; rinse and repeat. For example, Woot always runs one big deal. Woot also has subdomains for wine and shirts. A similar idea, but for performance gear, Steep and Cheap is great. I’m watching for a small, waterproof messenger bag for under $40 (they’re normally over $100). SlickDeals aggregates different deals like a top-of-the-line Dell for $500! One last discount site I like is Overstock.com. I got my simple wedding ring on Overstock for a very good price :)

But alas, I’m a poor graduate student and these sites make me want to consumer whore so I must abstain.

If you know of other good deal sites, I’m interested in hearing about them!